Saving Money on Kitchen Ranges

There are many things to consider when buying a kitchen range. As when buying any new appliance, it is a good idea to start with a little research. Visit a few stores to get a feel for what is available and at what cost. Determine your needs and set a budget.

Decide first whether you want a gas or electric range. If you don’t currently have a gas hook-up, buying a gas stove will involve a major installation expense. An upscale range with an electric oven and gas cooktop will require both a gas and electric line.

With all the cooking shows on television, it’s easy to get excited by thoughts of preparing elaborate meals. Pretty soon, you think you want a professional oven. The reality is that most people won’t use it enough to justify its expense. In addition, it requires a larger space and a more elaborate exhaust system.

The least expensive range is the traditional one – a white stand alone unit with a basic oven and a cooktop with two small and two large coil elements. Anything you add to this, such as a different color, a warming drawer, grill top, etc. will cost you more.

Adding either a self-cleaning or continuous cleaning feature will also add to the expense, but may be worth it if you don’t have the time or inclination to clean your oven.  Fancier features such as a convection oven or induction cooktops are considerably more.

When you have determined your budget and are ready to buy, you might check to see if anyone has a floor model or one that has some scratches in the finish that is selling for less.

It doesn’t hurt to negotiate. Many dealers are willing to do this, and it could save you a great deal.