How do I get Higher Interest Rates on My Savings Accounts?

One way to get more interest at your bank is to ask for it. Banks will often have two different rates for money market accounts or checking accounts or certificates of deposit. They have the regular rate and the promotional rate which is higher. Just go to the bank and ask if they will pay you the promotional rate. If you have a lot of money on deposit you have more influence at the bank and are more likely to get the higher rate. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

You can also ask someone to look over your accounts and see if you qualify for more interest. For example, I found out that I qualify for free checking because I keep at least $1,000 in my checking account, I’m over 50 and I have my paycheck directly deposited in my checking account. I qualify for the free checking account, monthly interest on the money in may account, free checks, free money orders and free travelers checks. All this doesn’t amount to a great sum of money, but it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

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