One Less Car

Consider whether you could do without one of your vehicles. Here are some tips to help you make the jump.

Take the Bus. Public transportation is great for commuters. Leave your car at home and let the bus driver do the driving. Google Transit makes planning your trip easier than ever before.

Carpool. There are lots of carpool websites to help, including, and You could save time driving in HOV lanes and avoid the stress of traffic.

Hourly Car Rental. Zipcar will charge you an hourly rate if you need an extra car. They have convenient locations in many urban areas.

Daily Car Rental. Renting a car can cost as little as $15/day. Make sure to check out our tips for saving on car rentals.

Live Nearby. Obviously, the best strategy is to live in a place where you can walk to work, walk to shops and your children can walk to school. It’s great for your budget and your health.