How to Get a Credit Card with No Credit History?

Here are a few suggestions to get a credit card with no credit history:

  • Apply for credit while you’re a college student. There is no easier time to get a card, and there might even be a booth set up during class registration. Get just one card, and don’t overuse it.
  • Do you have bank accounts? Apply at that bank and they might issue you a card because of the steady banking history you have shown. Get a card from a department store or gas station. They are easier to get and will help you establish your credit history.
  • Get someone such as your parents to co-sign for your credit card. Or ask them to add you to his credit card. Be aware that any problems you have with the credit card will go right to them and become their problems. Also be aware that that process can work the other way as well. If they have credit problems then these problems can end up in your credit history.
  • Get a secured or prepaid credit card. They are easier to get since you have essentially paid your bill before you spend the money. If you use the card responsibly, you should be able to upgrade to a regular credit card after a year or so.
  • Build your history. One way to build some credit history is to take out an installment loan at a bank and then pay it back on time or a little early. Once you get your card, use it responsibly and your credit history will get better and better. Don’t charge more than 30% of the card’s limit. Pay off your bill every month on time. Pay all your bills on time.