How to Improve Your Credit Score?

1. Pay down or pay off your credit card debt.
2. Pay off your debt, don’t just move it around.
3. Stop using your credit cards so much.
4. Check you credit card limits to make sure the credit card company is reporting the right amount.
5. Use an older card. The older the credit, the better.
6. Don’t apply for any new credit cards.
7. If you have a black mark against you in the past, ask the lender to have it removed. You will have to write asking for a “goodwill adjustment,” and it may be granted, especially if your recent payment has been good.
8. Ask for your credit account to be “re-aged.” This might eliminate an old black mark on your account.
9. Get a copy of you credit report from and find any mistakes. Then ask that they be corrected. You can find out how to do this elsewhere on this site.