College Housing Savings

Co-ops can be a cost-saving alternative for students in many university towns. Instead of paying the high price of a dorm or living in an expensive apartment, one can choose to share a house and housekeeping duties with other like-minded individuals.

Many larger universities have more than one co-op, so that a certain type of person may gravitate to a particular one because of similar beliefs or personalities.

Most co-ops require a membership fee and basic duties. These may include such things as meal preparation for the shared dinner, food shopping, cleaning, painting or yard work. Attendance at house meetings is also mandatory, so that duties can be dispensed and any issues or problems can be addressed.

Co-ops are worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to save money on room and board. Not only can you develop cooperative living skills, but you may also learn from your fellow boarders such things as how to cook, paint or refinish a floor.