College Spring Break Alternative

If you are a college student, and bemoaning the fact that you don’t have the money to go on a trip during spring break, you might check to see if your school has an alternative spring break program (ASB). This program is one where students volunteer their time in various institutions such as schools, non-profits, or governments throughout the country.

These vary in cost to the student, but the expenses are minimal compared to spending a week in the Bahamas. A small registration or application fee is usually required, and you may have to cover meal or transportation costs within the city to which you are assigned. Some universities offer scholarships to participants, and others have fundraising opportunities.

The benefits are many. You gain experience working in various fields, while helping others. You have free time to explore the city. Since you are part of a group of other students doing the same thing, you have the opportunity to make new friends and share ideas. And you get to go someplace during spring break while saving money.

2 thoughts on “College Spring Break Alternative

  1. I’m looking to find a good spring break destination with some friends, but we are on a budget, and still want to have a good time.

    is it possible to still take an alternative spring break and have a really fun experience?

    • Sure it’s possible. First of all, you’ll be with your friends in a new location. You’ll find that you will still have plenty of free time to explore the city, and you may meet new people who are doing the same thing.

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