Finding College Scholarships

Unless your family has a lot of money, or you have a wealthy benefactor, finding the money to attend college requires a lot of work. Scholarships are one place to begin. Hopefully, the following suggestions will help you get started.

College Scholarships – When applying to colleges, find out what they have available, and how to apply for them.

State scholarships – Check with your high school counselor for options. This website also lists available scholarships for each state:

Other Scholarships – There are all kinds of scholarships out there that most people have never heard of. Here are a few of the places where you can start:

  • High school counselor
  • Place where you work
  • Places where your parents work
  • Church
  • Professional organizations that your parents belong to
  • Professional organizations for the field in which you are majoring
  • Community foundations
  • Clubs that your family belongs to

If you visit the home page of the site listed above, you will also be able to investigate many other scholarship options.

Internet – Spend some time searching on the internet. It may lead you to a particular scholarship or give you ideas about other places to look. is a free site that will match your interests and abilities with available scholarships.

Start early – The early bird gets the worm is often true, particularly at colleges which may run out of money to give.

Check deadlines – Don’t lose out because you didn’t get your application in on time.

Check and Recheck – A scholarship can be lost just because you forgot to fill out something or made errors. Have someone else look it over as a precaution.