Read Audio Books for Free

If you enjoy listening to audio books, there are more sources that lend them than ever before. Your local library is a good place to start since it’s nearby and free. However, there are also places where you can download books to your computer or mp3 player for free, and never have to worry about getting them back in time. Granted, these are more for people who enjoy reading the classics and other books in the public domain.

  1. These books are read by volunteers. If you enjoy listening to them, you might want to consider volunteering to be a reader too.
  2. This site has lots of educational materials including lectures and sermons. It also has audio and video products for sale.
  3. A wonderful site for finding stories for children, they add a story every week, all read by professional actors.
  4. Here’s another source for free educational material, both audio and video. It includes such things as language learning and university courses.