Saving Money on College Textbooks

Thousands of students will be heading to college in the next few weeks. As mentioned in earlier blogs, textbooks continue to be a major expense. Fortunately, new sources are out there for those willing to do some research.

  • Start by deciding whether the book is one that you’re going to want to keep. If you don’t think you’ll have use for it after the end of the class, look for websites that rent textbooks. One site that does the work for you is RentScouter. It helps you find the cheapest place to rent a book or purchase a new or used one.
  • Don’t forget about digital. The drawback of renting physical books is that you may pay a big fee if you don’t return it on time. Digital rentals might cost less, and you’ll have less weight in your backpack.
  • Check out the college library. It often keeps copies of required textbooks for students to use.
  • Amazon doesn’t just sell new and used college textbooks. They also rent them and offer downloads of available textbooks to Kindle.
  • Other large booksellers such as Chegg also are in the rental business.
  • Google is digitalizing more books all the time that are free. It pays to check them out.