Textbook Savings

Textbooks have always been a major expense for students. When numerous websites and individuals started selling used textbooks, it seemed like a perfect solution for cash-strapped students. The colleges responded by putting out new additions every other year, even though very little had changed.  Students who previously sold their books back to the bookstore were often out of luck due to the fact that their textbook was now outdated.

The latest gimmick is loose-leaf books. Admittedly, these would be a lot lighter to carry, and probably cheaper. However, what are the chances that the bookstore would buy it back when pages might be missing or torn, as would likely happen?

One answer for students is to consider renting textbooks, particularly for those classes where it’s unlikely you would ever use the book again. A website that specializes in rentals is http://www.rentscouter.com. By entering the ISBN, title and author, they will search for sources where you can rent the book, usually at considerable savings.