Baby Shoes

When our children were just learning to walk, we were led to believe that they needed sturdy shoes that would support their ankles. Therefore, we bought leather high tops. Since they outgrew their shoes every 3-6 months, and each pair cost about $20, we spent a lot of money. New information has pointed out that children do just fine going barefoot. The point of shoes is to protect their feet, not support them. Basic tennis shoes are a lot cheaper, and are all that most children require. Fortunately, at that age, they’re not too fussy about how they look, or if they have the right brand name.

One thought on “Baby Shoes

  1. Children, especially babies grow SO fast, I’ve bought over 95% of my daughter’s shoes & clothing second hand (thrift stores, consignment shops & yard sales) it takes a little more time since they are not always sorted as well as retail shops & you need to inspect items closely to make sure they are not ripped, stained etc. but often times you can find items for MUCH less and they are often new (still have original tags) or like new condition!

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