Commonsense Prescription Drug Savings

Since the November 2010 blog ( about saving money on prescription drugs, a few other things have been brought to my attention.

Count Your Pills. A friend mentioned that she gets a 90 day supply through the mail. When her recent refill seemed lighter than usual, she decided to count them. She discovered that she was only given 83 pills. Although this was probably just an oversight on the part of the supplier, if done regularly, it could result in a big savings for them. Always count your pills, even if you only get a 30 day supply.

Compare Prices. If you don’t have insurance and have to pay for your medicine out of pocket, it pays to compare prices at several pharmacies. The savings could be substantial.

Check Your Insurance Prescription Plan. If your doctor prescribes a particular drug, make sure it’s covered by your insurance. If not, ask your doctor if there is an alternative.

Pay For Inexpensive Drugs Yourself. Believe it or not, there are actually some drugs that are less expensive than your co-pay. If so, it makes sense to pay for them out of pocket.