Creative Valentine Savings

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Buying one flower and a card may be all that’s needed to show your love for someone. If you are competent in the kitchen, you can create a gourmet meal, and set the mood with candles.

Some children in our wintry city recently made a heart out of snow for their mother. If you wanted to get even fancier, you could spray paint it.

If you are asked to bring a treat for the school party, homemade cookies or cupcakes are always appreciated. Make sure you check with your child’s school first, as some schools have restrictions.

Many schools celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the children are encouraged to bring cards for everyone in their class. There are several online sites where they can select and print out their cards for free. Some of these also have other craft projects such as a box in which to collect their valentines.

Here are a few to try: