Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching quickly, but it’s not too late to get started on creating a costume. One source for ideas that may not have occurred to you is the Hershey candy site located here: It has directions for making a Hershey’s kiss, a pumpkin and other costumes, as well as decorating projects. Most require little if any sewing skills, and are relatively inexpensive.

Other popular items that children enjoy using to dress up throughout the year are butterfly or fairy costumes. The wings can be made from wire or cardboard. Here’s a simple one using cardboard: If you need more ideas for making wings, check out this site:

Almost anything can be made just by starting with a pair of tights or sweatpants and a plain long-sleeved shirt. Get your child involved and you might be surprised with the results. Something that would be sure to get attention would be a sweatsuit covered with plastic silverware that has been glued to it. The sky’s the limit.