Savings on School Supplies

It’s hard to believe, but merchants have already started their back to school sales. If you’re a smart shopper you’ll take advantage of the bargains they’re offering to entice you into their stores. Most of them have limits on the number of items you can purchase at the sale price, but if it’s something you know you’ll use now or in the future, it pays to get the maximum amount.

Remember however, that the merchants are hoping you’ll buy all of your supplies there, not just the specially priced ones. Your true savings will come by only buying the specials at each store, and then walking out the door.

Of course, if you have to drive great distances between the stores, you may eat up your savings in gas as well as time. A better approach might be to collaborate with neighbors or friends. Split up the stores according to area, and buy enough to share.

If you no longer have children in school, it’s also a good time to stock up on supplies for the less fortunate. In today’s economy, many families and charities will appreciate the donations.

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