Creative Wrapping Paper

Although there are many sales on wrapping paper during the holidays, it’s just one more thing to buy that adds to the cost of a gift. In addition, the paper is usually torn after one use, and is thrown in the trash.

It makes more sense to make your own wrapping paper for some or all of your presents. Although more time consuming in some cases, it gives you an opportunity to be creative and add to the personalization of the gift. In addition, it is healthier for the environment. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Make your own cloth bag from leftover fabric, old sheets or pillowcases, old towels or old clothes. It doesn’t have to be perfect unless you’re giving it to a stranger. There are many places that offer online instruction.
  2. Make your own gift bag from newspaper. Here’s a site that explains how: She also shows how to make bows from magazine pages.
  3. Save up the comics from your Sunday paper. Or just use plain newsprint.
  4. Use magazine pages and newspaper advertising inserts.
  5. Use leftover wallpaper.
  6. Save up outdated maps.
  7. Save up the pictures from old calendars for wrapping small items.
  8. Reuse and decorate store shopping bags.
  9. Reuse and decorate plain paper bags. This would be a great family project for you and your children.
  10. Try to save and reuse wrapping paper from the year before. Even small scraps can be used to wrap stocking gifts.
  11. If you received boxes with packing materials, save the bubble wrap. It makes a great gift wrap and adds to the fun for the recipient.