Homemade Fabric Softener

The dryer sheets that you can buy to lessen static cling are expensive and over time, can cause build-up on your clothes and dryer. In addition, they contain chemicals which some people may be sensitive to. Liquid fabric softeners are not cheap either. In order to save money, and reduce the amount of pollutants you use, you might try some other alternatives.

  • As noted in an earlier blog, white vinegar has a number of uses, one of which is for fabric softening.  Adding it to the rinse cycle of your washing machine will freshen and soften your clothes. Start with a half cup and use more next time if necessary.
  • Some people have had success with putting a tennis ball in with their clothes in the dryer. Another option would be a clean tennis shoe, preferably a small one that your child may have outgrown. Obviously, these cause quite a bit of noise.
  • A small piece of wadded up aluminum foil in the dryer has also produced good results in reducing static cling.