How Many Gadgets are Enough?

When you’re constantly being blitzed with advertisements for new gadgets, particularly around the holidays, it’s hard not to get sucked into thinking you need them. How many different corkscrews have you seen, each claiming to be the latest and greatest? In fact, I’ve found our basic waiter’s corkscrew to do a great job, as well as being cheap and durable.

In the fall, you can hear the constant hum of leaf blowers which create noise and air pollution. Yet, a simple rake can be purchased for much less, and provides better exercise as well.

Toy advertisements are hard for children to ignore, and they get an early introduction to consumerism. When they see their parents buying all the latest gadgets, they learn to expect those things too. Most of the excitement of a new toy lasts a few days, and then the children return to the basics like blocks, building toys, dolls and books which foster creativity.

Electronic book readers are a great invention if you have extra money to spend. However, there are numerous sources for acquiring used books at a fraction of the cost.

The best way to save money during this holiday season is to turn off the television set. If you feel you have to have something, wait two weeks, and see if you still want it. Then, don’t buy it unless you can pay cash.

Meanwhile, if you need cash, consider selling your unused or outdated electronic gadgets at They will often provide you with a shipping box and pay for shipping costs. If they are unable to give you cash for your item, they will dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.