Make Your Own Holiday Wreath

I like to have a  wreath to hang outside my door during the holidays, and since I want it to be “real”, I usually go out and buy one every year. When I take it down in January and remove the pine branches, I am left with the wire ring which ends up getting thrown in the garbage. Reusing this ring and making your own wreath is actually very simple though, and saves the expense of buying one.

If you have evergreens on your property, you can cut your own branches, mixing in different varieties. Otherwise, many places that sell live Christmas trees have leftover evergreen branches that they give away or sell at a modest price.

The wire rings have prongs that fold down over each bunch of greens. Cut the greens to about 8 inches long and gather several together so that the stems all go in one direction. Lay them inside one of the sets of prongs, and bend the prongs down over them at a point about an inch from the bottom of the stems. You may need pliers to bend the prongs since they are quite sturdy.

Continue clockwise around the ring, adding groups of greens to each set of prongs. When you get to the last set of prongs, slide the stems in under the first group of greens so that they won’t show.

Finish by adding a bow or other decorations.

If you don’t have a wreath ring, and don’t wish to purchase one, you can make your own with wire coat hangars. Although it requires a few extra materials, and may not be quite as sturdy, it is still not difficult. Look here to find out how: