Small Savings Add Up

There are many little ways to save money around the home. These ideas may not seem like much, but in the long run you may find your bank account gets larger.

  1. Cut the top off your vacuum cleaner bag, empty it out, fold the top down, staple or tape and reuse.
  2. If you have a little hole in your window screen, mend it with clear nail polish. A larger hole can be repaired by cutting a piece of screen to fit and sewing it on.
  3. If you have weeds growing up through your patio or driveway, pour boiling water on them. Ant hills can be treated the same way.
  4. Indoor ants can often be controlled with natural products you have in your home. Find where they are coming in, and shake some red pepper in the area. A borax, sugar mix works too.
  5. Reuse computer printer paper. Just turn it over and insert it back into your printer. Envelopes you receive in the mail can also be used for scrap or note paper.
  6. Fill your own printer ink tanks, or buy compatible tanks on eBay. Walgreens and other places will fill your tanks for around $10.
  7. Save your loose change in a jar or canister. When it gets full, get coin rolls from the bank and roll the change yourself instead of putting it in one of those machines that takes a percentage.
  8. If your favorite pants get frayed on the bottom, turn them into shorts.
  9. Make your own popsicles with kool-aid or juice, dixie cups and craft sticks.
  10. Buy a hair cutting kit, and cut your sons’ and husband’s hair.