Can Now to Enjoy Later

As summer turns into fall and the weather turns cooler, it’s a good time to put away fruits and vegetables for the winter. If you don’t have enough bounty from your own garden, you can snap up bargains on bushels of tomatoes, beans, peaches, apples and corn from farmers’ markets or local farmers. Although it can be time consuming to prepare and freeze or can all of this produce, it pays off in money savings and taste later on. Tomatoes are especially useful because they can be canned just by themselves, or made into salsa or sauces, and canned.

Apparently, you are not supposed to can on ceramic glass-topped burners, one reason being which the pot used for canning can cause problems if it’s larger that the burner surface. One resourceful man found a solution for this by using his gas grill. His article, which appeared in our local paper can be found here: