Don’t Let the Fruit Spoil

A tremendous amount of food gets thrown out because it isn’t used before it spoils. It seems like I’m always buying bananas, but then have trouble eating them before they turn brown. Of course, I could buy fewer bananas at a time, but that would mean more trips to the store. I was always told that you shouldn’t put bananas in the refrigerator because they would turn brown. Well, it turns out that only the peel turns brown. The inside is perfectly fine. Just make sure that they are ripe when you put them in the refrigerator, because the cold will stop the ripening process.

Apples are another problem, since they don’t taste very good once they get mushy. If you have several, make applesauce. It’s very easy, and gives off a wonderful fragrance. You can also add apple to your pancakes or oatmeal in the morning. Some people also grate them, squeeze the excess moisture out, and freeze to use in baked goods later on.