Food Savings During the Holidays

Although extra cash is hard to come by around the holidays, it’s a good opportunity to stock up on discounted grocery items that you can use later on.

  1. Sweet potatoes are considerably cheaper around Thanksgiving, and if stored properly, can be kept for quite a long time. They can even be frozen as explained here:
  2. Nuts are also quite inexpensive, and these can be frozen as well. If you’re ambitious, you can buy bulk nuts in the shell, and shell them yourself.
  3. As noted in an earlier blog, turkey is available for bargain prices, and can be used in numerous recipes. If you freeze an extra one now, you can cook it later on the grill when the weather is warmer.
  4. If you enjoy wine, there are usually many discounts available at this time of year.
  5. Cookie decorations will keep indefinitely in the cupboard, and chocolate chips may be frozen.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you check out your grocery ads, you will find numerous savings on many other products that you can store for later use.