Prevent Waste With Proper Food Storage

Storing foods properly in your refrigerator can save you money and prevent waste. There are certain basic guidelines you can follow to keep your food fresher longer.

  • The egg tray you might have in your refrigerator door is convenient, but does not keep your eggs cold enough. Leave them in their carton and store near the back of the shelf.
  • Unless you drink your milk quickly, this also should not be stored in the door.
  • If you have raw meat, freeze or eat it within two days.
  • Raw meat and fish should be wrapped and placed on the bottom shelf. If there is any chance of leakage, set them on a plate.
  • Fruits and vegetables have different needs, and should be separated. Fruits usually need to be kept at a cooler temperature. In addition, the odors from one may cause the other to spoil or develop an off taste.
  • Leftovers should be wrapped or put in a covered container to keep them from drying out, or like onions, giving off unpleasant odors.
  • Washed produce will spoil faster, so wait until you are ready to use it before cleaning.
  • Leftovers from cans should be removed from the can and stored in another container to prevent them from taking on a metallic taste.
  • Be careful not to pack your refrigerator too tightly. Air needs to circulate in order to maintain an even temperature.