Healthy? Buy Health Insurance Now!

If you are in good health and uninsured, then buy health insurance now before it’s too late. Once you get sick, you can’t get insurance. Don’t get caught in the trap!

High-Deductible Plans. For the self insured, a high deductible health plan (HDHP) is probably cheaper than you think. With these plans you will pay routine costs yourself, but you are covered in case of a serious health issue. In 2009, these plans cost as little as $80/month.

Health Savings Account. If you insure yourself with a high-deductible plan, you are eligible for tax deductions using a Health Savings Account.

Doctors Screw the Uninsured. Insurance companies use their group buying power to negotiate lower rates from doctors. Even if your insurance doesn’t pay, you still get the lower rate just for having insurance. In my experience, the average savings is about 50%.

Don’t Be A Statistic. Did you know that 60% of bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical bills? But that’s not the worst thing. Every year, 45,000 Americans die because they can’t afford medical care. Don’t let it happen to you. Get insured now!

Convinced? Check out our health insurance quote page when you’re ready to get insurance.