Home Improvement Installer Cautions

Just as we mentioned in an earlier blog about exercising caution when buying from vendors who have a kiosk in a larger store, you should also be careful about using someone other than the store’s recommended installer when purchasing home improvement items.

For instance, if you have hired a contractor to install windows in your home, he or she might be making the purchases for you. If something goes wrong with the product, such as a window that doesn’t seal, you will have to rely on the contractor to return the window to the store and exchange it for another one. The contractor may be too busy to take care of it right away, or worse yet, he may have left town or gone bankrupt. The store may blame the problem on the contractor, and be unwilling to correct the problem if you were not the buyer.

In order to avoid this, find out the store’s policy before hiring your own installer. The store might even be willing to lower their own installation charge to get your business.