Rent Negotiating Tips

Although most people realize that the buying price of a house is negotiable, and many are good at negotiating when buying a car, how many have thought of doing the same when renting a home or apartment?

Obviously, this becomes more difficult when rental units are in short supply, but even then, it may be possible. However, it does require that you possess certain desirable attributes.

  • Landlords love tenants that pay the rent on time. If you can show records of your previous rental and bill paying history, this will be a big asset.
  • If you have a job that you have held for at least a year, this will also be a plus.
  • References from former landlords are helpful in showing your reliability.
  • Appearance – you don’t need to dress up, but wear clean, neat clothes.
  • If the price isn’t negotiable, perhaps you can do some work in exchange for part of the rent.
  • If you’re sure you’re going to stay in the community for some time, offer to sign a two year lease.
  • Come to the table with facts. Find out what rentals are going for in your area, and how many are available. Check out this website to get you started: It lists homes and apartments in your area for rent. It also gives a “rent zestimate”, which is what they estimate the monthly rental price would be.