What Do Life Insurance Companies Test For?

If you apply for a life insurance policy you may be asked to have a medical exam depending on your age and the amount of life insurance involved. The exam will be given by a contracted paramedical company in your home or office or by a private physician (not your own doctor). They will take your medical history, height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and blood and urine samples. The insurance company might also order an in-home EKG or treadmill test.

They are looking for anything that would shorten your life, thus increasing their risk. They will look for evidence of smoking or use of illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. They also test for the presence of antibodies or antigens to HIV; cholesterol and related lipids; liver or kidney disorder; diabetes; antibodies to hepatitis; prostate specific antigen (PSA); and immune disorders.

The urine sample might go through routine analysis, plus screening for certain medications. They also look for ulcers, potential heart conditions, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and evidence of an unhealthy lifestyle. In addition, they will screen your urine for alcohol, sodium, caffeine, and a number of other substances that will “increase the risk”. In short, anything that would reflect a health issue.