Start a Pet Sitting Co-op

If you own a pet, finding a place for it to stay when you go on vacation can be an expensive proposition. House cats can often fend for themselves as long as someone comes in every day to feed them and clean their litter box. It’s a perfect job for a neighborhood child. Dogs, however, require a little more attention.

Babysitting co-ops for children have taken off in many areas, so why not start a co-op for dogs. You and your friends can save some money and your dog will most likely be happier than it would be at a kennel.

If it’s just between a couple of friends, you probably don’t need to do any record keeping. However, as more people join, you might want to set up some kind of point system in order to keep everyone happy. One method would be to award one point per hour to the pet sitter. The person who is using the service would, in turn, deduct one point per hour.

You will probably find that you use one or two sitters more than others because your pets are more compatible. This is a win win situation. You save money and your pet gets to play with its friends.

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