Make Money While Traveling

Just because you’re retired and have limited financial resources doesn’t mean that you can’t travel. If you are in good health, you can often find temporary jobs in your selected destination. They might not always be ideal jobs, but they’re temporary, and during your time off you’ll have a little money to spend exploring the area.

Those who like to camp might consider working as a host at a state or city park. They don’t get paid a great deal if at all, but their site rental is free. Duties might include greeting new visitors, answering questions, picking up litter, and just keeping an eye on the campground.

National parks also are in need of temporary workers. The job could be as basic as working in the gift shop or for someone with more experience, acting as a guide.

Any tourist area where retirees migrate also needs temporary workers during their busy seasons. Maybe you’ve always wondered what it would be like to work in a restaurant or you have maintenance skills and can help out at the apartment complex or condo where you’re staying.

Tour companies are often in need of guides who have the freedom to travel. They also sometimes need people who can just make sure everyone gets on the bus on time, has their health forms, and help make the tour run smoothly.

Do you like to ski? Check out jobs at ski resorts. Want to take a cruise? Cruise lines often welcome guest lecturers or entertainers, or need men as dance partners. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.