How to Save Money on Gas?

Work on your car, work on your driving, and know how to get there..

Work on your car: Keep it tuned up with special attention to clean air filters. Keep your tires inflated to the maximum and aligned. Remove things that cause air drag such as luggage racks and vinyl covers. Keep your car light weight by removing unnecessary items from the trunk including any seats you don’t use. Knock the snow and ice off your car, it is heavy. Drive a small car, they usually use less gas.

Work on your driving: No need to warm up the engine for more than 30 – 45 seconds. Think about when to start and stop the car. It takes the equivalent of a minute of running time to start the car again. If you are stopping for more than a minute, turn the car off. Don’t rev the engine, it wastes gas and is bad for the engine. Use the cruise control. Watch your speed. Going fast takes a lot more gas to go the same distance. As much as 20 percent more.

Steady driving saves gas. Avoid jack-rabbit starts and sudden stops. Let your car slow down by taking your foot off the gas. It takes more gas to go faster, so go slower when you can.

Try to avoid using the air conditioner which uses energy, and also try to keep the windows closed on the highway, it causes wind resistance. Which uses more gas, running the air conditioner or driving with the window open? It’s a toss up, so make yourself comfortable.

Where are you going: Walk, it’s good for your health. Avoid gravel roads, and curvy roads. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Carpool. Walk your children to school instead of driving. Organize your driving so you are combining several errands in one trip. Avoid rush hour traffic. Take public transportation