Save Water, Go Brown

If you live in an area where water is plentiful, you may not hesitate to water your lawn regularly, even if your area is in a drought. Americans tend to have a fascination with green lawns, and if all of your neighbors have inground sprinkler systems, it’s tempting to install one too, or at least water consistently.

Grass is resilient though, and will go into dormancy if it’s not watered. Even though you may have a brown lawn, and your yard doesn’t look as good as your neighbors’ yards, the grass will come back next year.

Inground sprinkling systems are expensive to install and expensive to repair. A friend of ours recently spent $1200 just to fix his. Added to that is the cost of the water, which is no longer cheap. Even if your community allows you to install a separate meter for the system, just installing the meter and getting a permit for it runs $500 and up. Even if you don’t have a sprinkling system, the cost of regular watering results in a pretty hefty bill.

Last, but not least, is concern for the environment. Water is a valuable resource, and using it just so you can have a great looking lawn may not be in the world’s best interest.