Bargain Shopping With Daily Deals

Everyone loves a bargain, and Groupon has taken advantage of that by offering a daily deal delivered to you via email. However, many other merchants have responded by offering their own daily deals. My guess is that these sites won’t last forever as they try to out compete each other. However, if you’re looking for something in particular, it pays to check them out. Here’s a few worthwhile sites to investigate. – Gold Box deal of the day plus lightening deals every two hours. – Geared to senior citizens who are looking for bargains in their hometown. – Another deal a day which begins at midnight. – Has two markdowns every day in their two-a-day sale. – Not to be outdone, they have a deal of the day and a deal of the week. – This site does a search of a variety of the best deals of the day from various merchants, including those in your area.– Yes, even they are in on the act.

These are just a selection of merchants and websites which offer daily deals. There are probably numerous others, and more yet to get in on the act.