Buy or Trade Sports’ Equipment

Sports’ programs continue to thrive, but participating in them isn’t cheap. Young children experiment with a number of activities while growing up, and most of them require some kind of equipment. Whether it’s a baseball bat, tennis racket, soccer ball or ice skates, each purchase adds up. If your son or daughter is a member of an organized team, he or she may have to buy more equipment or even uniforms.

Used equipment is often as good as new, so it makes sense to try to buy used items first, particularly if your child doesn’t stick with things very long. Yard sales, resale shops and specialty stores like Play It Again Sports are good places to start.

Hockey is popular in our city, but it is a very expensive sport, so once a year there is an equipment exchange day where people can trade their outgrown skates, pads, etc for another size. This would be beneficial for other sports too. Cleats, for instance, which are required for many sports, are often outgrown before they are outworn. If your community doesn’t have an exchange, consider starting one.

Neighbors and friends are also sources for sports’ equipment. Almost everyone has something lying around unused in their garage which could benefit someone who lacks the funds to participate in a sport.

Check out the classified ads in your local newspaper, or look online on Craigs List. You can also post a wanted ad if you don’t see what you need.