Car Rental Savings

If you are traveling and need to rent a car, it is convenient to rent it at the airport when you arrive. However, if you have some flexibility, you should check for car rental rates in the nearby cities. Quite often, these rates are considerably lower, because the taxes and fees are lower. In addition, many of these places will pick you up at your hotel if you are staying within a few miles of their office. So, if your hotel offers a shuttle, you could take a free shuttle to your hotel, and call the car rental agency to pick you up. Note that these car rental places will not pick you up at the airport if they have another office in the airport.

Another option which will still save you money, although not as much, is to rent your car from the office in the city and then return it to the airport when you are ready to fly out. Obviously, these suggestions take a little more planning, but you may be surprised at the savings.