Creative uses for Bedsheets

Bed sheets can be purchased fairly inexpensively at yard sales, thrift shops and department stores, and come in a multitude of designs and colors. For that reason, you can use them to make things you might normally have to buy. Whether you’re trying to decorate on a limited budget, or have some old sheets in the closet you hate to throw out, put them to good use with these ideas.

  1. Make curtains for your windows. This is easy and requires minimal sewing. If you don’t sew, you can tack down the hems with fusible fabric tape.
  2. Make a shower curtain.
  3. Use as a drop cloth when painting.
  4. Put one in your car to keep it clean when hauling dirty items.
  5. Make a slip cover for a chair.
  6. Hang over a closet if it doesn’t have a door.
  7. Use to make a Halloween costume.
  8. Cover chair cushions.
  9. Make a laundry bag.
  10. Make a gift bag for large items or cut into smaller pieces for several gift bags.
  11. Make a tote bag.
  12. Make a smock for your child’s painting or craft projects.
  13. Make a cleaning swab for your clarinet, flute or oboe.
  14. Make a tablecloth.
  15. Use as a photographic backdrop.

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