Exchanging Goods and Services

One great way of saving money is by the exchanging of goods or services. This was frequently done in the distant past, but isn’t that common anymore. Many parents have made use of babysitting coops where they are able to trade child care. Not only are the parents saving money, but they and their children have the opportunity to meet other people in similar situations.

Less common is the idea of exchanging one type of product or service for another. For instance, someone who could teach music lessons might trade for the services of a plumber or electrician. Another might offer a home baked meal to a young adult in exchange for having their lawn mowed. Long ago, a person who couldn’t afford to pay a doctor might give them some meat from their farm. This probably isn’t feasible anymore, although perhaps a retired doctor might be interested. The possibilities are endless.

One way to start this would be with another group of like-minded friends or acquaintances. At first, many people might not think they have anything to offer. However, everyone has some talent, gift or capability. It could also be done on an individual basis. Perhaps your child needs tutoring in math, but you can’t afford it. Why not ask someone with that skill if there is another way you could pay, like fixing their car or washing their windows? You might be surprised how many people would take you up on the offer.