Family Fun For Less

If your summer plans include a visit to an amusement or theme park, plan ahead to save money on admission. Unfortunately, tickets are quite expensive, and can be out of reach for small and large families alike. Nevertheless, if you have your heart set on going, be sure to look for specials well ahead of time.

Check the Website. Most parks have websites where you can find the hours they are open, prices and deals. Some have specials for times or days when they are not as busy. There also may be family specials. Others have unlimited rides for a set price. You may also be able to purchase the tickets online for less than you would pay at the gate.

Member Discounts. Look for specials at your credit union or through organizations where you are a member. AARP is one place that quite often has discounts for members. Large retailers may also offer specials at their customer service desk.

Season Pass. If you live near a park and like to take visiting relatives when they come, consider getting a season pass. The one near our city sells a season pass around Christmas time for even less than it would be in the summer.

Call. If you don’t have access to internet, call the park to find out what specials are available.

Plan Ahead. If at all possible, plan your visit well in advance, so that you can find the best deals. Buying at the gate is quite often the most expensive.