Follow Up on Overcharges

Following up on overcharges can be a time consuming process. You probably often think that it’s not worth the effort for the dollar or two in savings. However, if you let it go every time, those couple of dollars add up.

For instance, you buy something at the grocery store that’s supposed to be on sale. However, when you get home and look at the receipt, you see that you were charged more than the advertised price. Do you go back and ask for a refund?

Here’s something that has happened to me twice recently. Our internet was out for a couple of days, so we asked for a credit on our account. They agreed. However, when we received our next bill, the amount that we were supposed to be credited was instead added to the amount due.

Another instance of this occurred when we didn’t receive our daily paper twice in a row. We had the option of having them delivered or having our account credited. I asked to have the papers delivered, but they still didn’t show up. So, I asked to have our account credited. Guess what? That didn’t happen either. I contacted the newspaper again, and reminded them. They apologized and said they would credit our account immediately. Instead, I see that instead of the account being credited, we have been charged an additional amount. Obviously, this is very poor customer service, and I’m expending a lot of effort for a few cents. However, maybe this has become a new company policy – ignore customer complaints, and perhaps they’ll give up.