Get Creative With Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching, and the stores have already started stocking candy and costumes. If you have several children to outfit, this can get pretty expensive. However, if you and your children use a little creativity, you don’t need to buy a cheaply made costume.

If you have sewing skills, there are numerous patterns for costumes. Unfortunately, this also can be expensive and time-consuming. The good thing is that you end up with a quality made product that can be passed on to your other children or neighbors.

Another idea is to swap costumes with other parents. A school or church parent group would be one good place to start. If you ask your neighbors, you might find that they have kept costumes that their children have outgrown.

Resale shops provide many inexpensive items for creating that special look. Some may even have used costumes. If not, start with a sweatsuit, ball gown, suit jacket or pajamas and accessorize with jewelry, hats, wands, scarves, shawls and purses. Sweatsuits can be made into skeletons, pirates, cats, dogs or any number of other characters.

Look around your house. Do you have a tutu left over from a child’s dance class, or perhaps a football helmet or baseball shirt? If you enlist your child’s help, you may find that they will enjoy getting involved, and it will be a good opportunity to work together on the project.

If you get stuck, check out internet websites. You can find all kinds of ideas, and some even give directions.