Gifts for Children

Children always seem to want the latest toy that their friends may have, or that they might see on television commercials. I’ve watched my neighbor’s kids play with several of these that they just received for their birthday. The fascination wears off pretty quickly though, or the toy breaks. Either way, they don’t play with it for long. It’s hard to resist when your children are begging for them though. The best toys are often those which have long term use such as building blocks, bicycles, board games, balls, or anything which requires creativity on their part. One of my favorite toys from my childhood was an appliance box. My brother and I each had one, which we proceeded to crawl inside of and make into robots using whatever we could find to construct knobs and other gadgets. If your child wants a big ticket item, suggest that they pay for half of it. By the time they have saved the money for it, they may have decided that they don’t want it after all. This is also good advice for adults. If you can’t pay cash for it, maybe you don’t need it.