Kitchen Cupboard Renewal

Kitchen remodeling is an expensive project. Replacing cupboards alone can cost thousands of dollars. If your current cupboards are still structurally sound, you might want to consider keeping them. There are several ways to give them a fresh look without spending a great deal of money.

Cabinet Refacing

The standard method of cabinet refacing is to keep the basic cupboard container, and replace any exposed areas with veneer. Traditionally, all of the doors and fronts of the drawers are replaced with new. However, you could also cover the doors and drawer fronts with a type of veneer rather than replacing them.

Add Glass

Some people have cut out the middle panel of their doors, and installed glass. If you’re handy, this might be something you could do yourself.

Replace the Doors

You could go fancy or cheap depending on your budget.

Buy Unfinished Doors

Unfinished doors are much less expensive than the finished product. If you are capable of matching the stain on your current cupboards, you could just replace the doors, and stain to match. Another alternative would be to repaint the cupboards also.


Painting is a much less expensive option. You may be able to sand the rough spots and repaint, giving your cupboards a fresh look.

Install New Hardware

Sometimes all you need are new knobs and handles. After years of use, they can become tarnished, and give your kitchen a tired look. Replacing them is a quick inexpensive update that anyone can do.