Mattress Pad Uses

Mattress pads can be rather expensive to buy. You may have extra ones lying around because they were used for cribs or single beds that you no longer own. Or the one on your bed may have yellowed with age or torn in spots. It seems a shame, though, to just toss them in the garbage. Here’s a few suggestions for reusing them.

  1. They make great table protectors under a tablecloth, and can be washed if needed right along with the tablecloth.
  2. If you sew and have some extra fabric from previous projects, you could use them as a filler for a pot holder.
  3. Similarly, you could make a cloth trivet for use under hot pans.
  4. Quilters can put them to good use as batting for baby quilts or extra padding in larger ones.
  5. Do you have young children who play soccer, or are learning to ride a bike? Make shin guards out of your leftover mattress pads.
  6. Many craft projects require some kind of stuffing material. If you don’t have a project in mind right now, save the mattress pad for future use.
  7. Young toddlers who are just beginning to walk can hurt themselves around furniture with sharp edges. Cover those edges with pieces of mattress padding.