Reuse Those Cardboard Paper Rolls

I’ve always saved a few empty toilet paper rolls every year to use in the garden to keep cutworms from eating my young tomato plants. Just cut the roll in half or thirds, slip the plant through it, and put it in the ground. Make sure that at least a half inch of the roll is buried in the ground. You never need to remove it, because it will gradually decompose.

You can also use them to start seeds in the spring. Instead of buying starter kits, cut toilet paper rolls in half, fold down one end and set in a flat container. Add some soil, and plant a seed or two in each tube. When they’re ready to plant outside, you can set the whole thing directly into the ground.

Other uses for toilet paper rolls and gift wrap rolls are limited only by your imagination. You know that pesky tangle of cords going into and out of your computer? Gather them up and run them through a toilet paper roll. Most people won’t ever notice, but if you feel funny about how it looks, you can always cover it with wrapping paper.

Give a kid a gift wrap roll, and I’m sure they will immediately find a use for it, although it may not be to your liking. Give a hamster a toilet paper roll and watch them crawl in and out, and roll it around.

Why buy musical toys when you can create your own? Put some wax paper over one end of a toilet paper roll with a rubber band to hold it in place. Punch a few holes in it in a straight line. Blow into the open end and practice covering and uncovering the holes. You can also create a percussion instrument by adding pebbles or beads, covering both ends and using it as a shaker.

You can see that the possibilities are endless. You will be recycling something you normally throw away, and saving money by making things to replace items you normally buy.