Save Money With Free Software

Free open-source software is a money saving alternative to many of the expensive programs. In addition, it is regularly updated and improved without costing you anything. It is perfectly legal to use, and available to anyone for home use. It should be noted, however, that some are not free for use in a business. We had previously discussed free photo-editing software in the blog of May 22, 2011. If you’re looking for something to replace Microsoft Office, you might consider the following:

OpenOffice – This contains the same features as its expensive counterpart except for the publishing capability which is found in the professional versions of Microsoft Office. Documents that have been saved in Microsoft Office can be opened and converted with OpenOffice.

LibreOffice – Similar to OpenOffice, it was actually begun by developers from the OpenOffice community. As with OpenOffice, documents originally written with Microsoft Office, can be opened and saved in LibreOffice.

Scribus – If you really miss the publishing feature that Microsoft Office offers, but hate to spend the money, try this free version.

As with anything new, there may be a learning curve with these free programs. However, for most users, it’s worth the money saved.