Save Money With New Used Clothing

As a new school year approaches, parents are faced with the prospect of outfitting their children with new clothing. Although name brands still are popular, many students have found unique items in used clothing stores. In fact, with many people struggling to make ends meet, it has become socially acceptable and even “hip” to shop at these stores.

A town near us recently announced a clothes swap day. Other communities may have done this before, but this is the first one in our area. Residents are encouraged to bring their clean and folded clothes ahead of time so they can be sorted. This is a great way to dispose of the clothing your children have outgrown, and find good used replacements without having to spend any money.

Another city also has a swap shop connected with their waste disposal site. Anyone can drop off a toy, or any other item in good condition that they no longer have use for. In the same manner, they can pick up something that they need at no charge.