Saving Money at the Restaurant

Have you ever noticed that the portions in American restaurants are huge? It’s usually more food than the average person wants or needs. Of course, you can ask for a container to take some home for another meal, but what usually happens is we keep nibbling away until we’re stuffed. If you do have the self control to stop eating, however, you have bought two meals for the price of one.

If you go out to eat with a partner, an easy way to save money is to split a meal. Some restaurants charge an extra $1 for this service, but it’s still worth it. It has become a more common practice these days, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. Your wallet and your stomach will both thank you.

The cost of beverages also add up. If you choose water, instead of soda or coffee, you can pare a little more off of your bill. A few restaurants allow you to bring your own wine and charge you a small fee. If this isn’t possible, consider having your glass of wine at home before going out to eat.

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