Saving With Online Coupons

As mentioned in an earlier blog, there are real savings to be made on online purchases by searching for coupons. These are different from merchant coupons that you may receive in your newspaper, or coupons that you find online, print out, and take to your local store.

You may have noticed when you have made a purchase from an online vendor and got ready to check out that there was a box for entering a coupon or promotion code. You were probably wondering if you could have saved some money.

What is an online coupon? An online coupon is just that – a coupon that can only be used for online purchases. It consists of a promotion code, which is a series of numbers or letters. When you get to the checkout portion of your purchasing process as mentioned above, you enter the promotion code in the box provided.

So, how do you get a coupon? If you have purchased from that vendor before, and are on their mailing list, they will probably email you with special promotions when they become available. You can also do a search for a particular vendor to see if there are specific coupons. If you are buying a general product such as vitamins, you can do a search for a manufacturer’s coupon. There are also numerous coupon sites that specialize in finding the latest deals from merchants. If you find yourself using one of them often, you might want to get on their mailing list.