Car Rental Precautions

Renting a car while on business or vacation is pretty easy to do, although it can be time consuming. If you can compare rates and reserve a car in advance, you will be able to shorten the wait. Although car rental insurance has been covered in an earlier article, there are some other things to remember when renting a car.

  • Most car rental companies have unlimited mileage. However, don’t assume that this is the case. Make sure you ask before signing on the line.
  • Don’t be afraid to inspect the car thoroughly. Usually the agent will go out with you to check the condition of the car. That inspection protects both you and the rental company. Take pictures of any damage.
  • Take note of the time you agreed to bring the car back so that you won’t be hit with a big penalty fee. If you are delayed, call the company. That way you may be charged their normal rate instead of their penalty rate.
  • Unless you get a tremendous deal and need a big car, go for the smallest one. They will try to entice you with a larger vehicle for only a few dollars more per day. Sometimes, you get a larger car anyway, because they may be all out of the economy ones.
  • Plan on filling your gas tank before you return it, and don’t forget. Don’t accept their offer to fill it for you at a predetermined price. In most cases, it will cost you more.